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about the project

Traditional Dance PL is an original project by Piotr Zgorzelski, carried out since 2013 by the Czas Tradycji Foundation. Traditional Dance PL is an online video channel that aims to present educational films and video clips for the purpose of popularizing and promoting traditional Polish dances and dance games, which used to be widely known in different regions of Poland. The project is dedicated to people of different ages and at different levels of dance proficiency.

In preparing the video dance lessons and music for you, we have drawn on existing archival material, the knowledge of traditional dancers and musicians we have met, and many years of dance and music practice.

We tried to preserve the traditional style and character of the dances and melodies that were included in the tutorials. Nevertheless, they may differ from the popular descriptions and recordings of folk dances and from the performances currently presented by regional bands or song and dance ensembles. Why do they differ from the old dances? For us, it was important that the dances we presented could function anew in our contemporary, everyday lives, which are far remote from those of a hundred years ago.

In addition to the films, we have also prepared mp3 music files so that you can enjoy the music offline and use it anytime, whether for study or for a dance party.

The music is available through the link that can be found in the description located under the video. You can listen to or download it on our Sound Cloud profile (Taniec Tradycyjny PL) on our Bandcamp profile Kapela TransFORMACJA or on our You Tube channel.

All dance lessons realized within the project Taniec Tradycyjny PL can also be accessed via the You Tube channel Taniec Tradycyjny PL.